“There is No Higher Purpose Than the Service of Others.” 


 Accomplished Motorcycle Industry leader whose diligence, integrity and innovations have produced a remarkable track record of integrity and results in: Business Development, Industry Relationships, Performance Management, Brand Creation, Dealer Development and most important; inspiring others to grow personally and professionally through education and motivation.


A graduate of the Wharton School of Business Executive Education Program, Frank Esposito is a respected leader and precisionist in the motorcycle industry with over 35 years of hands-on experience in every facet of the business. Frank is a master storyteller of real people and events, including his own, distilling down years of leadership and sales insights which go far beyond traditional textbook sales training.

While Frank has seen more than his share of success, it is his personal and business challenges that have shaped his personal commitment to being of service to other people. His challenges have included debilitating injuries incurred in a life-threatening motorcycle racing crash, which as a result helped him embrace dramatic changes to substantially grow as a person and as a professional. 

During his more than 3 decades as a President and COO, Frank has refined his approach to sales and to life. Along the way, he began to articulate the deep resources of strength, perseverance, and confidence that come with failure and how to harness it to achieve even greater success. Frank encourages audiences to embrace service to others as a perspective to live by. Along with some good humor and an authentic speaking style, Frank’s engagements are lively and fun, and always leave the audience engaged and ready to take specific actions.

When we find our true self and live our lives in service , our life will be a success, and we will align our purpose with our career.
— Frank Esposito

Signature Speeches

Championship Mentality 

A true story of miracles, inspiration and enlightenment, this is Frank’s signature speech. Enjoyable for all types of audiences, Frank uses storytelling as his tool to illustrate how there is a champion in each and every one of us. Audiences will leave looking at triumph and tragedy differently, as well as be inspired to embrace the champion which can be found inside all of us. 

Championship Selling 

In this highly motivational talk Frank discusses what it takes to be a great salesperson, and how a simple mindset shift can make all the difference between being an ordinary salesperson and an extraordinary one. With the insights Frank brings to light as well as the practical tools he shares, all salesmen will leave this talk inspired to make a positive impact on their company, their customers, and be fully able to sell like a champion. 

Creating Competitive Advantage 

What if the greatest return on investment for your company did not cost anything, would improve your business advantage, and raise the morale throughout your entire organization? Creating Competitive Advantage is an interactive lecture that engages the audience and encourages participation at all levels of the company. Attendees will leave with a work plan to not only ensure their success, but also to create and grow your organizations’ competitive advantage. 

Life and Death Retail 

Frank shares his personal comeback journey after a life threatening accident, which led to a breakthrough way of finding success in retail selling. Frank uses his miraculous story to illustrate the insightful techniques and work plan he developed to create win-win solutions in retail. This talk is for any organization that wishes to exponentially increase their sales, retain existing customers, and attract new customers. 

Empowering and practical messages which enable audiences to take a deeper look at the values they hold, the challenges they face, and the very purpose of their personal and professional life.
— Frank Esposito


Championship Mentality by Frank Esposito is an inspirational and motivational event that could change your life. You will discover a new inner power that has never been realized.
— Carol Emerson, Executive Vice President, Right Management and Consulting Agency
Frank is a charismatic leader with exceptional sales and leadership skills. His personality and ability to interact on a personal level with everyone he meets is one of his special traits. Revered by many in the powersports industry he is a wonderful person to work with.
— Ken Lauder, Sr. Director, Infrastructure Technology, Farmer Brothers
Awesome salesman subscribing and teaching the fundamentals of selling and customer service. He is the John Wooden of the motorcycle aftermarket. He can speak and moderate well in a meeting room or lead a room of 300 salespeople. Engage him and you will profit.
— Eric Anderson, President and Founder, Vroom Marketing
I recently hired Frank as the Keynote Speaker for our annual national training seminar, and I could not have been more pleased with the results. Frank’s lecture Are You Proud to be a Salesman? is unique in that it is not simply about sales skills and techniques; rather, it is about profession. It’s about what it means to be a professional. It’s about commitment. It’s about decisions, and it’s one heck of a fascinating story about the journey of life.
— Jayson Wickenkamp

Client List



Wharton Business School MBA Class 

Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore 

Aresty Institute of Executive Management 

The Principal 

Tax and Financial Advisors, Inc. 

International Motorcycle Safety Convention 

Motorcycle Dealer Expo 

American International Motorcycle Expo 

Tucker Rocky Distributing 

Western Power Sports, Inc. 

Chaparral Motorsports, Inc. 

Scorpion Sports, Inc. 


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Frank attended Widener University for Mechanical Engineering and is a graduate of the Wharton Business School Executive Education Program, University of Pennsylvania. His personal business experiences were featured in a top 30 Business Book of the year 2012, Team Turnarounds by Joe Frontiera, PhD.